Why Choose Us

MedLink in partnership with HMP consultancy successful track record, includes collaboration in more than 50 hospitals and projects spanning countries around the world. MedLink hospital network consists of 31 hospital and healthcare centers, among them 13 operational facilities consisting of 2,000 beds, 2,500 physicians and 4,000 employees which it has indirectly either invested in or currently manages. MedLink has a proven track record of managing human capital and resources by adapting our successful management model in diverse environments and regions of the world which includes a focus on:

 • Hospital Management Team: Recruitment and retention of experienced professional healthcare executives.
• Support via weekly meetings monitoring the implementation of strategic and operational programs.
• Salaries: Adjusting staff to best practice levels according with market competition and economic situation.
• Utilizing monthly productivity standards to monitor staff productivity.
• Physician recruiting: Primary care physicians, medical and surgical specialists.
• Physicians’ friendly approach that earns Trust and Loyalty through the development of physician joint ventures and physician.
• Access to continue education opportunities and a commitment to knowledge transfer.
• Increase access to patient centered hospitals, offering state-of-the-art technology, and operating at international standards.
• Engaging Physician participation in strategic planning and decision making process.
• Meeting the needs of our local stakeholders