Hospital Development

Our goal is to deliver a “one-stop shop” approach in hospital planning, development and management by incorporating the latest changes in healthcare. Together with our partners, MedLink is able to leverage its expertise to establish healthcare facilities with optimal solutions to deliver high quality healthcare services.

MedLink and Fletcher Thompson have teamed up in hospital planning and design to design, build and operate hospitals that incorporate the latest technology, state of the art facilities and cutting edge medicine.

We have an established hospital development plan that incorporates all elements that will make the delivery of services successful. We work with our partners in hospital layout/design and incorporating international local and U.S. hospital design standards.

The foundation upon which a successful project is based on rests in the project definition, which is the development of the building itself and the development of clinical services delivery.

MedLink helps to set the goals for project scope, quality, cost and schedule which are balanced to deliver optimum value in support of your core business objectives as defined in our strategic planning phase and health care development.

Once these goals are established, we identify, engage and manage the project team including the designers, contractors, specialty consultants, vendors and all other project participants throughout the design, construction and delivery phases.

While other project costs or “soft costs” typically account for 40-60 per cent of the total development budget, our services address not only the design and construction but all aspects of the total project budget.

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