Pregnancy Panty Liner™ (PPLiner™)

 • The Pregnancy panty liner is an in vitro self-test allowing pregnant women to detect possible amniotic fluid leakage in the event of experiencing a feeling of unidentified wetness.
 • The Pregnancy panty liner is an in vitro self-test allowing pregnant women to detect possible amniotic fluid leakage in the event of experiencing a feeling of unidentified wetness.
 • PPLiner™ can distinguish between probable amniotic fluid leaking out of the vagina from regular vaginal secretions and urine, because urine typically contains a concentration of Ammonia which is high enough to reverse color stains.
 • PPLiner™ is an early warning easy to read system for pregnant women who sense unexplained vaginal wetness.

Advantages of using PPLiner™

 • PPLiner™ is the only amniotic fluid test available as a home self test.
 • Distinct color change – Positive/Negative. Result interpretation doesn't require a color scale.
 •One step test - Results can be interpreted within 10 minutes of wetness .
 • Non-invasive.
 • Color remains stable for at least 12 hours.
 • Detects even minimal amounts of Amniotic leaks.
 •Clearly distinguishes between amniotic leakage and urine.
 • Allows for continuous monitoring of leaks including monitoring of intermediate leaks.
 • Significant cost and time saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Pregnancy panty liner (PPLiner™)?
PPLiner™ is a panty liner that can detect Amniotic fluid Leakage during pregnancy. It is designed for self-test and is of value in both normal and high-risk pregnancies. PPliner™ can tell you the difference between amniotic fluid and urine leakage.
2. Why should I use PPLiner™?
Pregnant women generally experience vaginal wetness during their pregnancy that can be confused with urine discharge or amniotic leakage. PPLiner™ provide a 24/7 monitory pad that takes away anxiety and throughout the doubt.
3. When should PPLiner™ be used?
For high risk pregnancy PPLiner™ recommended to be used throughout the pregnancy. For normal pregnancy PPLiner™ is recommended for use from the end of 2nd trimester until due date.
4.Who should use PPLiner™?
Women having previous history of pre-term labor or premature rupture of membrane should use PPLiner™ to monitor themselves. Women who have amniocentesis should use PPLiner for 2-3 days afterward to check that no leakage is occurring. Women who have high-risk of pregnancy should use PPLiner™.
5. Why is it important to know if I have an amniotic fluid leak?
Leaking amniotic fluid is very risky for both baby and mother. Amniotic fluid leak (caused by a ruptured membrane) can increase the risk of infection to both you and your baby because it provides a way for bacteria to enter the amniotic sac.
6. How should PPLiner™ used?
Wear the PPLiner™ just as you wear any normal hygienic panty liner. PPLiner™ is to be worn up to 12 hours or until wetness is experienced. When you feel a fluid leak remove the panty liner from the underwear, and check for a stain on the yellow background. The presence of blue-green stain on the panty liner is a positive result and may indicate amniotic fluid leakage which require visit to you doctor.
7. For how long the color remain stable?
The color change remains stable for more than 12 hours.
8. How much the PPLiner™ costs?
PPLiner™ comes in a box with 2 pads which is significantly cheaper and is almost less than ¼ the price of a doctors visitation fees.
9. Where to buy PPLiner™?

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